Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Roseola Virus

Poor Daphne was admitted to Prince Court Medical Center on 30th April 2010..

Fever was 39.2C n this was not the highest as she was at home...
I was too careless with this as I thought it was a normal fever as the fever started mildly on Monday where a few days earlier my maid told me that Daphne seems to b a bit feverish.. but I deny her..

Rushin her to hosp n she was becoming more cranky n want to b carried by me .. lookin at her sad face n too weak to smile back.. it break my heart..

Dr Padma had to do a blood test in order to diagnose her sickness as she'd no runny nose nor clear throat.. not a flu.. poor little girl had to bear the painess as the doctor pricking her little hand to look for blood vein .. first time.. no blood .. then change hand - daphne was already crying and looking at me with tears .. and I couldn't carry her .. and I cried too..

Dr Padma advised to get her warded so that she could monitor her fever for a nite.. the blood test report was out in 30 mins.. by 7pm ~ Dr Padma said that it was not dengue.. but viral infection.. she was tellin me that if the fever subside over the nite.. it would be alrite - but if it does not.. then she had to do a throat scrap to test for H1N1... this really scared me..

So I'd to send my maid back n to pack all things to rush back to the hosp by 9pm.. it was so jammed at Jalan Tun Razak that it took me 2 hours to reach home and by the time we were back to the hosp it was nearly 10pm.. Darren was wit me n helping me to take care of little daphne..

Auntie Harvi and Shilla was so helpful - really thank them for all this..

An accident happened on the way back home ~ my car was knocked by Mr Sauh Norak (UMW oil-drilling) as he's rushin to IJN as her daughter was there after operation .. I took his promise that he would pay for the damage done..and indeed he's a man of words.. thank u so much..

Daphne was asleep the whole nite till 5am.. she was too tired as for the past few days , she couldn't sleep well due to the fever.. I'd to breastfeed her.. n later she was sleeping soundly but do not want to b put on the baby cot.. by 8am she woke up with a smile in her face.. and I know she'd recovered..

Dr Padma came to check on her and said that we could go back home.. so happy to hear that ..but by then Daphne was becoming cranky n irritable... doesn't want to eat n very sticky to me.. rashes began to appear over her abdominal n ear n face.. Doc said this was normal n she can confirmed that it was roseola rash.. cos tis viral infection - after fever is gone, rashes would formed...

She told me that it would take a few days for the rashes to go off... and this few days (sat, 1st May n sun, 2nd May) Daphne just refused to eat but only wants me to feed her with BM..

she's getting better as each days goes by and by Monday.. her rashes started to go off.. n she's again our happy angel... ..

Sunday, April 11, 2010

7 months

Today BB Daphne is 7 months old...

Weight (31 March 2010) : 8.7 kg
Length : 70 cm

The day before Daphne get her 3rd 5-in-1 injection, her grandpa ~ Stephen Tio went to Lord..
(RIP: 30 March 2010 Age: 61)

Was sad as we keep thinking that there will b time to visit my FIL ...no hurry..how wrong we are for things are so unpredictable :-(

Saturday, February 6, 2010

BB 4th Month checkup (28th Feb 2010)

Dear Daphne..

Hope that you could try to drink formula milk as mummy needs to work..

Weight (as at 4.5 months) = 7.7 kg
Height = 65 cm

After 9 days... (28th Jan - 5th Feb 2010)

Finally..it's over ~ phew ..

But I'd started to miss the days when I'm with the little ones.. although it's tough and tiring... but the bonding with them become more and more tight...

Counting the days that I would be able to b stay at home looking after them ^_^

Routine work starts again ~ study again... ooohh